Literary Publications

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Anthology Publications


New Rain: 35th Anniversary Anthology. Ed Gary Johnston. Blind Beggar Press, 2013

Black Mermaids: In Vision and Verse, Ed. Torreah Washington, Exhibition Catalogue, 2012

Go, Tell Michelle: African American Women Write to the New First Lady, Eds Brooks-Bertram, Nevergold, State University of New York Press, 2009

Beats, Rhymes, and Life: What We Love and Hate About Hip-Hop, Eds. Jasper, Womack, Harlem Moon/ Broadway Books, 2007

Revenge & Forgiveness: An Anthology of Poems Ed. Patrice Vecchione, Henry Holt, 2004

The Body Eclectic Ed. Patrice Vecchione, Henry Holt, 2002

Beyond The Frontier Ed. E. Ethelbert Miller, Black Classic Press, 2002

The Book of Hope Ed. Birgitta Jonsdottir, Beyond Borders, 2002

Role Call Eds. Ali, Bashir, Medina, Third World Press, 2002

Bum Rush The Page: A Def Poetry Jam, Eds. Medina, Rivera, Random House, 2001

Listen Up! Ed. Zoe Anglesey, One World/Ballantine, 1999

Catch The Fire!!! Ed. Derrick Gilbert, Penguin/ Putnam, 1997


Literary Journal and Magazine Publications


“Paper Bag Poems,” “Blue Libation,” “Mama Haiku 1,” “Memory,” “The Clean Earth Conference Blues,” “What I Remember.” Black Renaissance Noire. Volume 14. Issue 2. Fall 2014.

“Global Warming Blues.” WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly. Volume 42. Numbers 1&2. Spring/Summer 2014.

“Give and Take.” Center for Book Arts Broadside Series. June 2014.

“I Want to Take Him,” “Letter to Continuum.” The Pierian. Spring 2014.

“Sovereign,” “Ancient,” Mosaic Magazine. Summer 2014.

“Sunday.” Minerva Rising. Issue 5. Spring 2014.

“The World Is Much Less Safe.” VIDA 2014

“Why You’ve Loved Me Ever Since You Started Thinking In English.” North American Review. Winter 2014. Volume 299. Number 1.

“Letter To A Young Poet Dedicated To Crafting Our Liberation.” Her Kind. March 2013

“New York Talk.” Specter Magazine. Summer 2012

“The Bembe,” “Poetic Form,” “Monday.” Oya N’Soro. June 2012

“Madness.” African Voices Magazine. Spring/Summer 2012.

“Conversations With Strangers.” MamaBlogger 365. March 2011

“Strut.” Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon. June 2011

“Learning To Swim.” Badilisha Poetry Exchange. July 2010

“Rebirth.” The Mom Egg Blog. June 2010

“Learning To Swim.” The Mom Egg. 2009

“Visibility.” Mothering Magazine Online. February 2009

“Pieces Of A Dream.” Sable. Autumn/Fall 2007

“Her Voice.” Crab Orchard Review. Winter 2005

“Suddenly I Need One Thing Constant.” African Bulletin. Winter 2003

“A Woman’s Poetic.” Carapace Issue 31 Spring 2002

“The Apprentice,” “Cheyenne Speaking.” Paris/Atlantic Vol. XXII No. 1 Spring 2000

“War Dance.” Drumvoices Revue Vol. 19 Summer/Fall 2000

“Go Figure.” Quarterly Black review Vol. 6 No. 3 Summer 1999

“You.” Visions No.61

“Lineage,” “New Recipe,” “Reflections of the Daughter.” Drumvoices Revue special double issue Vol. 8 No.’s 1&2 1999

“Musings of a Moon Maiden,” “Scenario,” “Only.” Paris/Atlantic Vol. XX No. 2 Winter 1998

“Serenade.” New Millenium Writings Vol. 3 issue 1 Spring/Summer 1999

“Kitchen Cauldron.” African Voices Vol. 6 issue 4 Fall 1999

“Forced Entry.” Rappages Vol. 7 No. 9 Jan 1998

“Raindrop Women,” “Lineage.” BOMB No. 59 Spring 1997

“Karma’s Footsteps.” Long Shot Vol. 19 1997

“Moments.” African Voices Vol. 3 issue 2 Winter 1996/1996

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