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About Mother Nature

More than a guide to a holistic, healthy pregnancy; "Mother Nature" is a confessional, a warning, and a roadmap for navigating the rewarding, relentless terrain of motherhood.  It is a candid account of my journey into pregnancy and motherhood and my offering to mothers-to-be everywhere.  Advice on breastfeeding, babywearing, nutrition, and mothering on a budget is side by side with some of the hush hush aspects of motherhood like overcoming isolation, adjusting to your shifting identity, and lessening the struggle of childrearing. 

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About Savage Godess

In my experience, birth and mothering are a dance between power and surrender. My best friend, Mirlande Jean-Gilles, and I started Savage Goddess Press on the phone about nine years ago.  It was a vision.  A dream.  A wish. Savage Goddess became  more concrete when we published my chapbook, “Permanent Rain,” in 2001.  “Mother Nature: Thoughts on Nourishing your Body, Mind and Spirit During Pregnancy and Beyond,” is our second offering.  I am surrendering my story in hopes of empowering mothers and mothers-to-be. We have created Savage Goddess so that our voices don’t have to linger in our throats. Let the dance begin.   

Praise for Mother Nature

"Your book is in my birth bag for re-affirming what I do." Claudia Booker- President and Founder of Birthing Hands of DC, doula, childbirth educator and breastfeeding counselor.
"A nice, quick introduction to several attachment parenting concepts. It covers a lot of ground in its 32 pages and would make a nice gift for a pregnant woman who is interested in exploring ideas beyond What to expect." Molly Remer, Citizens for Midwifery

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