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Featured Poet: 

Iriel Sayeed, OH, USA


The meeting place of two eternities 

At the meeting place of two eternities

My thoughts grow dimmer as the sunsets

I smoke greenery during my conquest

Perfect in my imperfections like C-lo

I’m a lyrical freak and the rhymes I reek make my locks grow

I give a big Hydie Hydie Hoe to all my foes

The Haters in players clothes

I meet the road head on – a mental collision

I predict my outcome with my third eye vision

The sun has risen to find Blak clouds bumping into the moon

A cartoon that entertains the thoughts of being divine

Seeing through yo eyes to yo mind

At the meeting place of two eternities I find

Death claims your soul and as a joke leaves your body behind

The only people who would fight death against death

Love death.

The people that love death believe that death should be the first thing you see on your evening news

At the meeting place of two eternities.

Leaders are creating revolutionary revues

At the meeting place of two eternities

I spread the language that our souls speak

In tongues we meet infinite

At the meeting place of two eternities

I am the griot in need to offer stories of intrigue

On my knees I read the bark of the trees

That shed my ancestors' leaves

Bittersweet memories

Filled with whips an spirituals

Lynches an African rituals

Echo’s as the truth blows the branches that bare strange fruit

At the meeting place of two eternities

There is no loot, so greed doesn’t exsist

No business suits to cage in physical loneliness

No fatherless children

R blak gurlz lost

No cracked out mothers

No brothers r bought

No ghettos, No country, No cities, No guns

No race, No religion, No Native Sons

Time has begun

At the meeting place of two eternities

The sunshines down lighten life

The tears that fall from the sky

Gladly rains down washing away any doubt

And the flowers don’t wait for spring to come out

Seasons never change

An it only rains at night

I write

From the meeting place of two eternities

My pen is the truth faith my ink

My paper is freedom

My thoughts extinct

My message God mission

I just need the people to listen

At the meeting place of two eternities

I am what Gawd created me to be

My wings provide visibility

The power of God dwells deep within me

At the meeting place of two eternities

I turn toward the sun open my arms

To embrace the higher power that controls the wind



Words With No Actions 


She stood before the crowd full of anxious eyes.

Wondering what to say that has not already been said

To spread the love of Gawd is her hearts desire

Higher than the greenest Jamaican stalk

Like the chalk that outlines our demise

She has become her peoples outline

Brother Time don’t want to hear about being late

Our that his fate lies in the hate he generates

Blak mothers don’t want to believe their raising fools

Sending there youth to oppressing schools

She seems to get political

Whenever you catch her doing lyrical contribution

Introducen revolution seems to always be her conclusion

She’s a sistah seeking solutions

She stands before a crowd full of anxious eyes

Pondering what is their to say that has not already been said

Dead air follows the truth

That ring so close to reality we confuse the two

She be nappy like roots

She hurt like the truth

And she know people feel an see the same things she do

Yet no one is willing to move

And she’s no longer willing to push

Words with no actions

Is a blunt with no match

It don’t matter if the people clap

What matters is if the people act

She believes that

Her spitting facts –Aint Jack-the same as spitting lies

She stood before the crowd full of anxious eyes

Spitten what she memorized

That the government wives are greed and vanity

And how tv was birthed to destroy nature and reality

While society fucks humanity into tragedy

Righteous teachers

All spit the same things

Word with no actions

Is a bird with no wings

Words with no actions

Leads u to the broken heart of thee spoken word artist

That awoken to another world inside her own

Rooms within Rooms

Streets that lead to avenues that or dead ends

Stripped of her heritage, name and country

R u and African?

U aint neva been to the mother land

And u to late Mother Africa’s dying!

Tryen to see through iniquites tears

Ignoren all fears

She stood before the crowd of anxious eyes

Summerizzen the horizen coz the sun is her tongue

Her lips the cloud her voice is rain

Her heart is a full moon on a clear night

Words with no actions

R people with no rights

Words with no actions

Is a being with no culture to cultivate tradition

She stood and listened before she spoke

Clearing butterflies from her throat

Words with no actions

Is people packen registration centers to vote

When the “voice of the people” is a joke

She stood before the crowd of anxious eyes

Loosen all hope in her people, herself, her dreams

A rose is still a rose

A queen is still a queen 





Iriel Sayeed has known she was born to write since

the age of nine. She went on to do school plays and

talent shows. Iriel wrote her first poem away at

school, ”Colors of the Rainbow” after returning home

she begin to perform with artistic order 144.


Iriel did open mics, plays and radio in her hometown

of Cincinnati. She self published her first book of

poetry, “Coming Into Consciousness” in 2000.


When she moved to Chicago (IL), in September of the same

year, Iriel begin to perform with the youth group

Kuumba Lynx. She also did writing workshops, plays and

open mics around the city. Some places where she

performed include The Guild Complex, Columbia College,

The field Museum, Dusable Museum, The Hot House, and a

one-night stand performance at UIC.


Now Iriel lives in Europe where she is working on a

play. Three books are due soon for publication; ”Poems

of Praise,” “Manifestation of Reality” & a reprint of

“Coming Into Consciousness.”  She is also working on

another book of poetry, ”Irielic Illusions”.


Iriel’s mission is the one Gawd has blessed her with!

She believes that if all people who think alike came

together and built their own communities they could

create their own world. Until she finds others like

herself she will travel the country expressing Gawds

voice through her art. Iriel can be contacted by email: 

irielsayeed at hotmail dot com



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